BEIJNG ORIENT SUN-TEC CO.,LTD.  Established in 2002, located in Fengtai Science and Technology Park, Zhongguancun, Beijing, the company integrates design, manufacturing, processing, technical services, and trade, serving customers in the electronic ceramic industry, automotive industry, and other industries. The company has electronic ceramics department, automotive department, and new product development department. Subordinate enterprises: Beijing Zhongji Kiln Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xinci Technology Co., Ltd.

Electronic ceramic industry: We are a domestic manufacturer of advanced development, design, and manufacturing electronic ceramic casting equipment, and a member of the Beijing Economic Development Zone New Materials Industry Innovation Alliance. After nearly 20 years of accumulation, the electronic ceramics department has now formed LY, LYM, LYMH, LYL, and μ A series of casting machine products, as well as supporting processes such as front and rear defoaming, cutting, powder coating, lamination, sintering, etc. Widely used in the fields of electronic ceramics, fuel cells, polymers, etc., we have sold hundreds of sets of various casting machines and established integrated service capabilities in raw materials, equipment, processes, and after-sales, gaining recognition from a wide range of users in the industry.

Automotive manufacturing industry:With the popularization of automobiles, the automotive industry has become one of China's pillar industries. Our company is committed to the sales and promotion of precision tightening devices such as engines and transmissions, as well as environmentally friendly products related to automobiles, in the automotive development test bench and manufacturing process. And we will provide more optimized solutions and new products for various automobile manufacturers, supporting manufacturers, and automobile users with professional services.

Beijing Oriental Taiyang Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated years of deep industry cultivation, and has gained the trust and support of a large number of users with high-quality products, professional sales, and sincere and timely services. The company will continue to adhere to the philosophy of "rigorous and pragmatic, technological innovation, customer first, and service first", and seek common development with new and old customers.