Electronic Ceramics industry: with more than ten years accumulation, the Electronic Ceramics Department has formed LY, LYL and μ series casting machine products, as well as matching technologies, such as front-end and subsequent defoaming processes, cutting, Laminating, sintering, etc.; all of these products and technologies are widely applied to electronic ceramics, fuel cell, macromolecule and other fields. The company has marketed more than 300 sets of various casting machines in total, formed the integrated service capacity from raw materials, to equipment, technologies, and after-sales service, and obtained cognition of the massive users in the industry.

Ball mill for experiment use
Defoaming machine for experiment use
Casting machines for experiment use
Perforating machine of experiment use (…
Printing machine for experiment use
Laminating machine for experiment use
Perforating machine for experiment use
Cuttting machine for experiment use
Sintering furnace for experiment use
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