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Pilot and mass production defoaming machines

The defoaming machine for pilot and mass production is a device used to remove bubbles from the casting slurry. The working principle is that the motor drives the agitator to rotate, stirring the slurry in the tank. At the same time, the air in the tank is extracted through a vacuum source to form negative pressure, thereby achieving the purpose of removing bubbles in the slurry and adjusting the viscosity of the slurry.

Casting machines for pilot and mass production

Customize various specifications of pilot and production casting machines according to user production capacity. Widely used for mass production thin film forming in electronic ceramics (aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride ceramic substrates, LTCC, HTCC, etc.), fuel cells, and polymer materials industries.

Fully automatic slicer

The fully automatic strip slicer is a fully automatic equipment used for batch cutting of rolled strip after casting and slitting, with a fixed length. Adjustable speed, adjustable number and length of cutting pieces, and neat cutting edges. Effectively ensuring efficient and high-quality production processes while saving labor. Applied to fully automatic cutting of cast strips.

Atmosphere sintering furnace

Beijing Zhongji Kiln is a professional industrial sintering furnace manufacturer. The atmosphere sintering furnace is widely used in ceramic metallization and HTCC product sintering, and the kiln technology is at an advanced level in China. Zhongji Kiln Company currently serves as a council member of the China Industrial Furnaces Society, vice chairman of the China Electronics Energy Conservation Technology Association, and council member of the China Vacuum Electronics Industry Association

AlN powder

TOYO ALUMINIUM of Japan produces aluminum nitride powder using direct nitriding process. The product has excellent performance in bending strength and thermal conductivity. Our company, as the general agent in the China region, provides continuous casting, granulation, and filling ALN powder materials to domestic users, widely used in high-performance LED substrates, semiconductor components, IGBTs, fluorescent powders, thermal conductive materials, and other fields.

Experimental casting machine

Widely used in various casting experiments for universities, research institutes, and enterprises, with high casting accuracy and convenient operation.


Beijing Oriental Taiyang Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated years of deep industry cultivation, and has gained the trust and support of a large number of users with high-quality products, professional sales, and sincere and timely services. The company will continue to adhere to the philosophy of "rigorous and pragmatic, technological innovation, customer first, and service first", and seek common development with new and old users.

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